If you want to get the perfect senior photo or engagement photo backdrop you're going to want to stop by the amazing beautiful tulip festival in Illinois.

The flowers are in full bloom at the Richardson Adventure Farm in Spring Grove, Illinois but won't last for long. Every spring you can visit the Richardson Farm to enjoy the sights and smells of their giant fields of tulips. There are 40 different varieties of tulips, along with 900,000 colorful blocks of flowers, and 300,000 new bulbs planted just for this year. The tulips are planted on a private 36-acre lake for the most beautiful setting you will ever see.

Plus, there is a gift shop, picnic tables, food trucks, wine tasting, and freshly made donuts and popcorn You really can make it a fun weekend where you can stay in Chicago and drive to Spring Grove to enjoy the festival.

Depending on Mother Nature determines when the festival will take place each year.

The weather determines the dates of when the tulips bloom, but we expect they will be in full bloom or nearly full bloom sometime during mid-April through mid-May...2-3 weeks of bloom time.

Make sure you like their Facebook page to know exactly when the best time to visit the tulip festival will be each year. The farm has food trucksThe Richardson Adventure Farm is known for being open year-round with festivals happening all year. Including this past fall when they featured the World's Largest Intricate Corn Maze. They also have a fantastic tree farm to get that perfect holiday tree. If I ever wanted a real tree I might have to visit this farm, but I just can't get behind getting a real tree...yet.

I know it's a little bit of a drive to get to Spring Grove (a little over 5 hours) but from the photos I am seeing it's worth every mile of driving to get that perfect picture backdrop.

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