If you've been hunting in Missouri, you know that shadows can look like just about anything especially later in the day. Those shadows became real for one Missouri bowhunter who saw a mammoth figure appear near his deer stand, but it wasn't a someone. It was a 'something'.

Danny just shared his story with Missouri YouTube channel Sasquatch Theory. He is a lifelong hunter who had quite and experience back in the late 1980's. Here are Danny's exact words about what he saw from his Missouri deer stand late in the day on one horrifying trip:

Danny - "It was a 10-foot ladder stand...that put my feet at 8 feet give or take...I'm sitting there...darkness started moving in more and more and everything became shadows and silhouettes. Off to my right, I caught a glimpse of movement...I turned and started watching and I could see a figure at....75 yards...whatever it was appeared to another hunter...it was moving stealthily...it kept coming toward me."

After about 3 to 4 minutes of watching this figure make its way toward Danny's stand, the experience took a turn for the bizarre.

Danny - "As it got to the base of my stand, it stopped...I quietly said "hey have you had any luck today?"...

Whatever it was became startled. 

Danny - "It just stood there after I spoke...it quietly and slowly turned back to its left...and as stealthily as it walked in, walked away into the darkness..."

Danny said that whatever the figure was had to be at least 8 feet tall and he was chilled at its reaction to his words. What did Danny come within feet of? He's convinced this was no hunter, but some kind of creature. Definitely listen to Danny tell his story as he seems like an experienced hunter who sincerely believes he experienced something bizarre in the Missouri woods.

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Gallery Credit: HGTV via YouTube