According to a report, there is something that jails use every day in Illinois that experts say is considered "torture" what exactly is it? And should the Land of Lincoln stop using these devices ASAP?

According to an article from, the United Nations now considers restraint chairs a form of torture, the same restraint chairs that jails in Illinois use on a daily basis.

In the article, they say "A nine-month investigation by the Illinois Answers Project found county jails in the state restrain people in chairs on average more than 1,000 times a year... The United Nations Committee Against Torture has urged U.S. officials to abolish the chairs..." The article goes on to mention their investigation shows that a prisoner in Illinois is restrained in one of these chairs every day, and many times the use of the chair is unreported. To read more about these chairs, the use of the chairs on inmates in Illinois, and what the UN thinks of these chairs, click here! 

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What should Illinois do?

I don't see how Illinois (or any state) can not have restraint chairs in a prison...Its prison...there will be inmates that need to be restrained at times. Now does that mean the prisons should use the chairs willy-nilly and not report when they use the chairs, no, they should be following protocol, reporting, and using the chairs properly. But until the UN suggests a good replacement for the chair that is equally effective as the restraint chair, I don't see these chairs going anywhere...

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