Every city and town has its good qualities and bad ones. But, is it possible for a place to get everything wrong? A new study says there are 5 places in Illinois that pulled off this infamous feat and you should never ever consider moving there or you'll regret it.

Buried in the brand new 2024 best places to live in Illinois ranking from Niche is an interesting club of Illinois cities and towns that managed to get the lowest scores possible for public schools, crime and safety.

Here are the 5 Illinois places that all got "D" ratings for crime, safety and public schools that Niche says you should never consider moving to:

East St. Louis, Illinois

Cahokia, Illinois

Centreville, Illinois

Washington Park, Illinois

Sauget, Illinois

The sad truth is many of these Illinois places have a rich history that dates back centuries. Not so much anymore as several have decaying parts of the city that seem more prevalent than the growing ones.

It's not easy to get blasted with the lowest ratings for all of life's important categories, but these 5 Illinois places pulled it off which is why the experts warn about considering moving your life there.

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Gallery Credit: Illinois Department of Corrections